Etiquette Behavior In a Fitness Gym

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Have some people lost their minds when they leave home; our have we lost our minds for not speaking up?  I do not know that I am noticing things as I have become older, or just got fed up with stupidity? Here are a few things you do not do in a public gym and on the same list, you should speak up or report such behaviors!

  1. Spitting: Yes there are certain cultures that spit more often, however, spit at your own dame house, or carry a spit bag along with you. No one like seeing, or walking through your spit balls.
  2. Leaving debris in showers and locker rooms: Did not your mother teach you how to pick up behind your self? The sports clubs take time to place this nice huge towel bins, that are tagged, “place your dirty towels here” for your convenience. This goes for trash cans as well.
  3. Toilet VS. Shower: You do not urinate, or defecate in the showers. Showers are not used to masturbate, blow snot from your nose, spit and whatever other weird noises that come from them.
  4. Locker-room Sinks and Toilets:  Although the facility have to provide these necessities don’t mean they have to be abused. Using toilet paper to dry yourself off, or to clean something is wasteful. Spitting toothpaste in the sink without rinsing it is not nice. Leaving with you came with shows respect for the person behind you.
  5. complimentary Towels: This does not mean you can fill your gym bag up with them. It does not mean you could use them to wipe and clean your dirty shoes with them. We have to wipe our bodies with these towels, have respect.
  6. Ask Before You Barge In: Check with management before you decide to make up your own rules. Everyone comes to enjoy the facility. Although, some people love group things, some people like working out alone.
  7. Spa Rules: They are there for a reason; scrap your feet, skin, lotions, and whatever other beauty thing you have at home. Keep your music to yourself, this is for relaxing, not exercising.
  8. Dry Sauna: This room has a natural cedar smell that does not last when pure must and sweat bombards the room. It does the wood no good when we place our dirty shoes on the walls. Although, rules aren’t enforced, you do not place your feet on your walls at home? Don’t pour water in the machine, duh, dry room. Loud music, exercising, loud talking, duh, this room is for relaxing!
  9. Steam Room: Same as above but take out what you bring in; if you don’t like your pants getting wet, bring your swimming outfit.
  10. We all must get involved: You pay good money to have a pleasant experience, if we do not speak up, management thinks we are good to go. It seems that slobs attract slobs when we don’t put a halt to this kind of behavior; so lets take a stance and keep our clubs a nice place to wind down at.

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